This is the programmatic side of the web site at The examples in this guide all use a REST-style JSON protocol.

Shorten a long URL

POST request to: /api/v1/shorten

- Parameters

  • url - a long URL to be shortened (example:

- Notes

  • Long URLs should be URL-encoded. You can not include a longUrl in the request that has &, ?, #, or other reserved parameters without first encoding it.
  • Long URLs should not contain spaces: any longUrl with spaces will be rejected. All spaces should be either percent encoded %20 or plus encoded +. Note that tabs, newlines and trailing spaces are all indications of errors. Please remember to strip leading and trailing whitespace from any user input before shortening.

- Return Values

  • result_url - short link
  • error - information about the error, if it occurred


3 concurrent calls per second.


For example, to shorten the URL, send the following request:

curl -XPOST -d '' ''

If successful, the response will look like: